Umpire Committee:   Coordinator - Joan Brotherton
                                   Committee Members -
Jill Pinkowski, Gail Pratt; Dianne Tucker

****The Laws of the Sport of Bowls - Crystal Mark 3rd Edition are available to purchase.   Clubs may order these through Bowls Queensland at a cost of $9.00 per book.   
The Bowls Australia Officiating Manual is also available for interested Members from Bowls Queensland at a cost of $25.00 per Manual.****

                              The Officiating Structure in Australia:
Members that are interested in gaining accreditation as bowls officials (Marker, Measurer or National Umpire) please contact your Club Secretary.   Application Forms are available and can be downloaded from below.  

Umpires/Measurers wishing to re-accredit, please contact your Club Secretary for Application Forms or they may be downloaded from below.

   The Umpire Committee have put together some basic rules for newer bowlers.  These rules are taken from the Law Book and are not only for newer bowlers but also for any bowler wishing basic information regarding rules of the game.  They may be downloaded from below.                                                    


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